Exceptional, professional concierge practitioner services.

MOUNTAIN BROOK WELLNESS (MBW) was founded on the principles of clinical excellence, evidence-based treatment and integrative mental health care. MBW provides exceptional professional, effective, and convenient concierge practitioner services to the greater Birmingham and Alabama area through a collaborative, private and stigma-free environment. The well-being of clients is promoted by the development of resilience in each individual through the integration of science and clinical knowledge.

Concierge mental health services allow for enhanced client care through flexible scheduling, adjustable session times, and the availability of alternative locations such as home or workplace consults in addition to traditional office visits. Telehealth services are also available in accordance with confidential/ethical guidelines. In contrast to other concierge practices, MBW does not charge a retainer fee and operates as a fee-for-service proprietorship with cost-effective rates that may be adjustable based on hardship and need.

Do things your future self will thank you for.